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Many Options, One Smart System

Unsurpassed Customer Service and Support

Integrated and Cost-Effective Portable Systems

Complete Screening and diagnostic

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.


A sleek, portable, and versatile clinical EP with optional OAE system.

Choice of automated ABR screening, OAE screening, or both with SmartScreener-Plus 2.
Ideal for use with the cost-effective, baby-friendly EarHug disposables, designed with the baby’s comfort in mind.

Improve your clinical experience with robust responses in a portable solution with the Duet. Evoked potentials, Steady-State Responses, Otoacoustic Emissions, Audiometry, and more in a single unit.

Go beyond standard clinical testing and gain full control of all aspects of acquisition. Many options to choose from, from high frequency stimulation to ultra high acquisition rates.

Software only training tools that get as close as possible to real-life scenarios. Simulators such as Baby ISAO can be used with any acquisition system from any manufacturer.


A portable, and versatile single-channel clinical EP with optional OAE system.

SmartScreener-Plus 2

Cost-effective, complete, and easy-to-use infant hearing screener for ABR and OAE.


Compact and portable screening and diagnostic ABR & ASSR