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Auditory Steady State Responses with SmartEP-ASSR

The following Smart Note covers the basic concepts for the acquisition of ASSR using the SmartEP-ASSR software. Topics includes suggested recommendations for electrode placement, testing strategies, test settings, and result analysis. SmartEP-ASSR is available for the Duet, USB, USBLite, and Solo hardware platforms

Suggested Electrode Montages for a 2 Channel Opti-Amp

The following Smart Note covers some suggestions for electrode montages when using the 2 channel optical amplifier for the Universal Smart Box platform. Includes descriptions and images of usual electrode placements for use while acquiring auditory evoked responses such as ECochG and ABR.

Using the Stimulus Conversion Utility

SmartEP, SmartEP-ASSR, SmartEP-CAM, Intelligent VRA, and Smart Audiometer have the ability to use custom created stimuli, such as speech. Before use, the stimuli must be converted from WAV format to the IHS proprietary stimulus file format. This Smart Note defines the requirements for the WAV files, the steps to convert the stimuli, calibrating the files before use, and some additional usage tips for individual programs.

Exporting Raw Data from SmartEP

Certain users, most commonly researchers, may find at some point that they need to port their data to a different program or format, for analysis or storage. SmartEP data is stored in an encrypted proprietary format in the directory that corresponds to each patient; however, the data can be exported to a text file using options built-into the SmartEP program. Data may also be exported for SmartEP-ASSR and SmartTrOAE in… Read More »Exporting Raw Data from SmartEP