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Exporting Data from SmartTrOAE

Certain users, specially researchers, may find at that they need to port their data to a different program or format, for analysis or storage. SmartTrOAE data has multiple ways to export the data, from exporting a single recording, multiple recordings on a single file, or suppression analysis data.

Exporting Raw Data from SmartEP

Certain users, most commonly researchers, may find at some point that they need to port their data to a different program or format, for analysis or storage. SmartEP data is stored in an encrypted proprietary format in the directory that corresponds to each patient; however, the data can be exported to a text file using options built-into the SmartEP program. Data may also be exported for SmartEP-ASSR and SmartTrOAE in… Read More »Exporting Raw Data from SmartEP

TEOAE Suppression in SmartTrOAE

During otoacoustic emissions suppression, the stimulus is alternated between a masking white noise signal and a click signal; where the recordings are acquired in response to the click stimulus. By comparing a suppressed transient OAE recording to one that is acquired normally, conclusions can be drawn about the workings of the efferent nerve fibers and the suppression of sound. The suppression noise masking addon for SmartTrOAE is available for the… Read More »TEOAE Suppression in SmartTrOAE

Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions with SmartTrOAE

The following Smart Note covers the basics for the acquisition of TEOAE responses, including Spontaneous OAE, using the SmartTrOAE software. Topics includes recommendations for probe usage, test settings, result analysis. SmartTrOAE is available for the Duet, USB, and USBLite hardware platforms.

General tips for OAE acquisition

The following Smart Note covers general information for the acquisition of distortion product and transient evoked otoacoustic emission responses. The information includes suggested test parameters, as well as guidance for probe placement, for use with SmartDPOAE and SmartTrOAE software.