Join us at AAA Virtual 2021

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We, at Intelligent Hearing Systems, are looking forward to meeting you at this year’s virtual conference hosted by the American Academy of Audiology. You are welcome to learn more about our products by watching our presentation videos, downloading product brochures, and chatting with one of our friendly representatives.

Software Update 5.50

A new software update has been released for most IHS programs. This version introduces some new security features including encryption of all files containing patient demographics data, among other features. Update features are listed below. To update to release version 5.50, do the following: Download the update zip file from: Save the file to the downloads folder or any easy to find location, then unzip it. (the option to… Read More »Software Update 5.50

Hearing test may detect autism in newborns

Intelligent Hearing Systems is partnering with researchers at the University of Miami and the Harvard Medical School for a groundbreaking study. New methods are being developed to detect early indicators of autism, some indicators may be detected as early as birth. This worldwide research study is paving the way to better identification of children at risk of developing autism, and may lead to the availability of methods for early intervention.… Read More »Hearing test may detect autism in newborns