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Intelligent VRA

Automated visual reinforcement audiometry

Intelligent Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (IVRA) is an advanced computerized tool for automated hearing screening and testing of infants, children, and the developmentally disabled. IVRA takes the speculation out of VRA analysis by providing three automated test routines.

IVRA has been extensively tested and clinically proven to be highly successful in its evaluation accuracy and efficiency.

  • Increased reliability & accuracy by a single examiner
  • Choose from our variety of 4 and 10 second colorful, animated widescreen video clips, or use your own video clips
  • Use one of our three automated test routines, administer a speech discrimination paradigm (IVRISD), or run a VRA test manually
  • Probe Trials maintain patient attention while testing near threshold
  • Control Trials allow you to determine the reliability of a test
  • Trial-by-trial reports include detailed information for each test sequence
  • Final report includes audiogram and threshold for each frequency tested

Automated Test Routines

Classification of Audiograms by Sequential Testing selects the best fitting audiogram from 9 patterns, for fast and efficient screening.

Optimized Hearing Test Algorithm is designed to test four frequencies,
in an intensity staircase fashion.

Automated ‘step-up, step-down’ intensity staircase procedure for testing thresholds at up to four selected frequencies.

Video Reinforcers, using up to four video screens and many options of animated videos
Additional custom videos may be added for unlimited reinforcement options

  • Place the video screens in one, two, or four different monitors
  • Choice of 24 different animated videos with different thematic elements
  • Videos sets include a standard and widescreen aspect ratios, in 4 or 10 second duration.
  • Use any MP4, AVI, or MPG video file for reinforcement