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Smart Audiometer

A great addition to your toolbox

  • Improved toolbar and button design for fast access to key features
  • Choose any automatically generated pure tone frequency and intensity by simply clicking on the audiogram
  • Stimulation can be presented continuously or in bursts
  • A large variety of stimulus are provided, including Warble Tone, Narrow Band Burst, Small Band Burst, Broad Band Burst, and Gaussian Burst.
  • Custom stimuli can be converted from WAV file format for use with SmartAud
  • 5-up/5-down adult test mode available when using the optional push-button
  • Speech discrimination modality, including probe and control trials
  • Contralateral white noise masking option
  • Print detailed reports with trial-by-trial sequence information,
    trial-by-trial by frequency tables, and threshold information to printer or electronic PDF format.

Smart Audiometer is available on the following devices