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Quick and accurate objective threshold detection

SmartEP-ASSR, a full-featured diagnostic and screening auditory steady-state response system (ASSR), is a cost-effective add-on to SmartEP.

SmartEP-ASSR window showing the ASSR analysis of a auditory steady state response, both polar and FFT plots

Ready for the clinic

  • Quick and accurate threshold detection using automated statistical analysis
  • Test both ears at the same time, presenting four frequencies per ear simultaneously
  • Broadband and frequency-specific iChirps for robust amplitudes
  • Harmonic component analysis for improved threshold detection and reduced test times
  • Automated audiogram generation in SPL and nHL
  • Advanced users can design their own stimulus sets and present up to eight stimulation components per ear
ASSR response audiogram window showing the detected thresholds corrected to HL

Available on the following devices

Duet platform with computer showing SmartEP-ASSR window

Dual-channel air and bone conduction ASSR. High-Frequency testing option available.

Solo platform with computer showing SmartEP-ASSR window

Single-channel air conduction ASSR. USB powered for unsurpassed portability.