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The ideal clinical tool for Auditory Evoked Potentials

SmartEP showing auditory evoked potentials, ABR, waveforms at different intensities for both ears
  • Improved toolbar and button design for fast access to key features
  • Access all parameters from a simplified control panel and streamlined menus
  • Quickly load your own or preset protocols
  • View ongoing EEG display for quick assessment of patient state during testing
  • A great variety of options allow you to perform the tests the way you want
  • Choose from a variety of stimuli, including click, tone bursts, broadband, and narrowband chirps, and speech
  • Generate or import your own custom stimuli
  • On-screen and remote impedance checking using patient response alert box
  • Easily mark waveforms using more than 30 pre-defined labels or create your own custom peak labels
  • Automatically arrange recordings by intensity, acquisition order, stimulus frequency, or rate
  • Latency-Intensity graphs with normative data range automatically generated from marked recordings
  • Recording quality indicators include SNR, RN, Fsp, Fmp, and repeatability
  • Quickly add, subtract, invert, shift, or cross-correlate recordings
  • Display or hide a subtle vertical grid or horizontal baseline
  • Multi-page display and reports and easy PDF report generation

Flexible enough for research needs

  • CLAD for high-rate stimulation
  • P50
  • CHIRP Stimulus Generation Module
  • USB Development Kit
  • High Frequency testing
  • Frequency Following Response/ Complex ABR
  • Acoustic Change Complex
  • Ipsilateral and Notched Noise Masking
  • Advanced Auditory Research Module (AARM)
  • Binaural Interaction Research Module

SmartEP is available on the following devices