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Advanced Auditory Research

Frequency Following Response (FFR) and Acoustic Change Complex (ACC)

  • Define times of acquisition by specifying delays and offsets for each stimulus selected
  • Permits mixing of stimuli when Auxiliary Output Channel is installed
  • Use simple or complex stimuli, including tones, iChirps, speech, and noise
  • Define custom stimuli using the built-in conversion utility
  • Use stimulus files up to 8 seconds in duration
  • Set stimuli to be presented at a specific time, or to be output continuously
  • Combine up to 2 stimuli per ear, or present ipsilateral masking
  • Ultra-shielded ER3 and ER2 insert earphones options

Complex ABR Research Module

  • Research supporting this technology was developed by Dr. Nina Kraus and colleagues at Northwestern University
  • Includes predefined settings for complex stimuli, including speech syllables BA, GA, DA, and more
  • Users can create custom settings and stimuli
  • cABR specific label markers
  • Includes cABR analysis, spectrogram, and phaseogram tools
  • Export data, cross-correlation information, or power spectrum of recording
  • Interfaces with MATLAB® modules for further analysis
  • Visit the Auditory Neuroscience Lab website (, directed by Dr. Nina Kraus, for information about the research supporting this technology and about upcoming scientific talks by Dr. Kraus.

Available on the following platforms