Advanced Auditory Research

Frequency Following Response (FFR) and Acoustic Change Complex (ACC)

  • Define times of acquisition by specifying delays and offsets for each stimulus selected
  • Permits mixing of stimuli when Auxiliary Output Channel is installed
  • Use simple or complex stimuli, including tones, iChirps, speech, and noise
  • Define custom stimuli using the built-in conversion utility
  • Use stimulus files up to 8 seconds in duration
  • Set stimuli to be presented at a specific time, or to be output continuously
  • Combine up to 2 stimuli per ear, or present ipsilateral masking
  • Ultra-shielded ER3 and ER2 insert earphones options

Complex ABR Research Module

  • Based on Dr. Nina Kraus and colleagues at Northwestern University’s Complex ABR analysis of speech elicited AEP responses
  • Includes predefined settings for complex stimuli, including speech syllables BA, GA, DA, and more
  • Users can create custom settings and stimuli
  • cABR specific label markers
  • Includes cABR analysis, spectrogram, and phaseogram tools
  • Export data, cross-correlation information, or power spectrum of recording
  • Interfaces with MATLAB® modules for further analysis

Available on the Duet and Universal Smart Box

Up to 8 AEP channels, up to 2 OAE channels. External bio-amplifier & power supply. Transducer options include insert earphones, sound field, OAE probes, and High Frequency Animal Speakers.