Innovative solution for air and bone conduction cVEMP & oVEMP

SmartVEMP is the only device cleared by the FDA for oVEMP and cVEMP testing on patients of all ages (K163326). Our innovative solution is the ideal clinical tool for recording air conduction and bone conduction occular and cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials.

Smarter VEMP Analysis

  • Easy to mark peak labels using mouse or keyboard
  • Baseline set automatically to the user-defined acceptance region
  • Create a grand average using multiple recordings
  • Easily compare left and right VEMP responses
  • Automatic calculation of corrected amplitude and asymmetry ratios
  • Amplitude corrections based on pre-stimulus EMG activity
  • Ability to monitor EMG activity with the same recording electrodes
  • User friendly interface to choose patient specific target EMG levels
  • System will only average the sweeps with adequate EMG activity
  • Feedback box with LED indicators (optional)
  • On-screen EMG level display with happy/sad face
  • Use the included animated videos for pediatric testing, or use your own videos
EMG Level Feedback
Optional Feedback Box
Animated Feedback Videos

SmartVEMP is available on the following device