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Video VRA

Unlimited video reinforcement variety for VRA testing

VideoVRA is the new wave in manual visual reinforcement audiometry. Video reinforcement provides unlimited reinforcement variety, allowing the audiologist to keep the infant’s attention to the head turning task. VideoVRA requires a Windows PC and can be operated using a wired response box, the keyboard from the computer, or a wireless response box.

Choose from our variety of 4 and 10 second colorful, animated widescreen videos, or use your own clips

Design multiple, customized video playlists to keep the child’s attention longer

Activate video reinforcement by simply pushing a button on our response box or innovative wireless response box

Visual Reinforcement Infant Speech Discrimination (VRISD) option to assess infant speech perception

Activate videos using your mouse or keyboard

Up to two reinforcement monitors

A selection of control options

Response box with four buttons, connected to the PC via USB.

Four button wireless response controller.

VideoVRA may also be used in a keyboard only configuration.