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Universal Smart Box

Multi-channel evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions

Over 37 years of engineering design experience, combined with unsurpassed expertise in evoked responses, have culminated in the next generation bio-amplifier to bring you superior data quality for evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions.

Up to 8 channels for EP, up to 2 channels for OAE

External power supply and external pre-amplifier with fiber optic cable for reduced noise

Electrical Stimulator & Probe for ENoG and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials

LED light array on Visual Stimulator for Visual Evoked Potentials

Exclusive SmartEP-CAM continuous acquisition module for EEG, AEP, OAE

The Universal Smart Box can be configured to be an EP system, and OAE system, or an EP/ OAE system and can have a maximum of 8 channels. For evoked potentials, the system can be configured to have 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 channels. OAE systems can have up to two OAE channels. Choose from a variety of add-on modules for the ultimate in flexibility and versatility.

Standard EP Modules

  • ECochG
  • ABR (click, tone burst, iChirp)
  • MLR

Optional Add-on Modules:

  • P300/MMN
  • eABR
  • Chained-Stimuli ABR
  • cVEMP, oVEMP
  • ASSR
  • VEP
  • ENoG/ Somatosensory

Standard OAE Modules:

  • SOAE

Advanced options for SmartEP

  • CLAD for high-rate stimulation
  • Acoustic Change Complex (ACC)
  • CHIRP Stimulus Generation Module
  • P50
  • USB Development Kit
  • Advanced Auditory Research Module (AARM)
  • Complex ABR Research Module
  • Frequency Following Response (FFR)
  • Ipsilateral and Notched Noise Masking
  • SmartEP-CAM Continuous Acquisition Module

Advanced options for SmartOAE

  • Contralateral, ipsilateral, and
    binaural TEOAE suppression
  • Dual OAE probe system
  • HF DPOAE for ototoxicity monitoring