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Logical International Phonetics Programs (LIPP)

  • User-friendly transcription module interface includes a gloss, target, and transcription line.
  • Compare multiple documents simultaneously with multiple active versions of the transcription module.
  • Bright and colorful displays facilitate transcriptions with main symbols in blue and diacritics in red.
  • Play and perform spectral analysis for each transcription line
  • Integrated shareware spectral analysis program allows users to play, cut, and paste speech samples.
  • Includes a full dictionary for easy and convenient data entry and transcription
  • Requires a computer running the Windows 10 operating system

For transcription and simple inventory analysis, free to use download.

For transcription and use of analysis packages provided by IHS.

For transcription, development of phonetic symbols, and analysis rules.

Upper LIPP Features

  • Word processor-like editing capabilities
  • Pop-up menus of phonetic symbols and program options
  • Dictionary of correct phonetic forms for child vocabulary items
  • Storage and retrieval of transcriptions
  • Full Set of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols
  • Special symbols for common childhood pronunciations
  • Optional pragmatic function coding
  • Modifiable dictionary of correct phonetic forms
  • Transcription reliability analysis by automated comparison of multiple transcriptions of the same utterances.
  • Simple inventory analysis
  • Segment inventories, context sensitive descriptions of correct and incorrect segment features, phonological process analysis complete with deletion, substitution, assimilation and metathesis rules
  • Automatic printouts and disk storage of analysis outputs
  • LIPP Analysis Language (LAL) allows user to define phonetic features for their custom analysis
  • Highly efficient LAL compiler with error checking and messages