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Research Tools

Advanced Auditory Research Module

Complete control of stimulus and acquisition timeline within SmartEP. A great tool for the acquisition of Frequency Following Response (FFR), Acoustic Change Complex (ACC), and Complex ABR (cABR)

High Frequency

High-Frequency Options for SmartEP, SmartEP-ASSR, and SmartDPOAE. Available on our Duet and Universal Smart Box platforms, using our High-Frequency Transducers for ABR, ASSR, and DPOAE testing at up to 32kHz.


Continuous AEP and EEG Acquisition for Multi-channel high-resolution AEP, OAE, and EEG signal acquisition

IHS Development Kit

A powerful and simple way to develop research applications to control the functionality of our Duet and Universal Smart Box devices using a DLL. The DLL provides basic functions that can be accessed using almost any programming language in order to specify stimulation and acquisition parameters, and access recorded data.