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High Frequency Animal Testing

High Frequency ABR & DPOAE for animal testing at up to 32kHz

Over 40 years of engineering design experience, combined with unsurpassed expertise in evoked responses, have culminated in the next generation bio-amplifier to bring you superior data quality for evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions.

We are pleased to offer High-Frequency Options for SmartEP, SmartEP-ASSR, and SmartDPOAE. Available on our Duet platform, using our High-Frequency Transducers for ABR, ASSR, and DPOAE testing at up to 32kHz.

Researchers have used our High-Frequency Option, speakers, and microphones to record AEP and DPOAE on a wide range of animals, including dogs, mice, rats, guinea pigs, mini pigs, primates, gerbils, and chinchillas.

  • Highly advanced full-featured diagnostic evoked potential system
  • Improved toolbar and button design for fast access to key features
  • Complete control of all testing parameters.
  • Generate or import your own custom stimuli
  • View ongoing EEG display for quick assessment of animal state during testing
  • Quickly add, subtract, invert, shift, or cross-correlate recordings
  • Create grand averages from multiple sessions or multiple subjects on the same page.
  • Export recordings to ASCII text files
  • Multi-page display and reports and easy PDF report generation
  • Screening and diagnostic distortion product otoacoustic emissions
  • Easy setup of DPOAE protocols, with up to 41 frequencies in a single test
  • Automatic probe-fit check and in-ear calibration for increased accuracy
  • Easy-to-interpret colorful DPGrams and detailed information for each frequency tested
  • Clear Pass or Refer indications based on user-selected passing criteria
  • DP I/O function
  • Built-in scripting feature allows you to define sequences of frequencies and intensities for automated data collection
  • Optional graphical display of noise standard deviation
  • Full-featured screening and diagnostic auditory steady-state response
  • Provides quick, accurate threshold detection using automated statistical analysis
  • Test both ears at the same time using Clicks, Tones, and user-defined stimuli
  • Frequencies: 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000 Hz, and high frequencies from 10 kHz to 32 kHz in 2kHz increments.
  • Harmonic component analysis for improved threshold detection and reduced test times
  • Automated audiogram generation in SPL and HL
  • SmartVEMP for vestibular evoked myogenic potentials
  • Advanced Auditory Research Module for Frequency Following Responses (FFR)
  • Continuous Acquisition Module (SmartEP-CAM)
  • DLL Development Kit for complete control using a Dynamic Link Library
  • Low-current electrical stimulator for electrically evoked ABR animal research
  • Visual Evoked Potential LED stimulator for animal research
  • Pattern electroretinogram (PERG) software and visual stimulator for animal research (by Jorvec Corp.)

Transducer Options

IHS offers a variety of transducers for testing along with a calibration utility that facilitates in-ear calibration for each species using the OAE microphone. The system features a modifiable SPL calibration table that can be saved for each species and easily loaded before testing.

Optional Functionality

Sound Field Amplifier

Trigger-In/ Trigger-Out

Low Current Stimulation

Visual Stimulator

PERG Stimulator

Available on the following devices