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DLL Development Kit

Complete Programmatic Control using a Dynamic Link Library

Over 40 years of engineering design experience, combined with unsurpassed expertise in evoked responses, have culminated in the next generation bio-amplifier to bring you superior data quality for evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions.

We are pleased to offer researchers a powerful and simple way to develop research applications to control the functionality of our Duet device using a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). The DLL provides basic functions that can be accessed using almost any programming language in order to specify stimulation and acquisition parameters, and access recorded data.

  • An extensive command library allows users to load program files to the DSP Hardware, and read and write data to and from the device
  • Select the input channels for acquisition and the output channels for stimulation
  • Complete control of stimulation parameters
  • Apply various types of pre-processing and signal conditioning parameters
  • Signal post-processing of acquired data
  • Designed to be a language and application-independent tool that can be used with a variety of programming environments that support DLL usage

Available on the Duet platform