Continuous Acquisition Module for Research

  • Multi-channel high-resolution AEP, OAE, and EEG signal acquisition
  • Available on our proven flagship Universal Smart Box Platform
  • Monitor, record, and analyze up to 8 channels of EEG or EP data
  • Complete control of acquisition parameters
  • Compatible with multiple types of electrodes
  • Built-in impedance checker on pre-amplifier
  • Simultaneous acquisition, monitoring, and review multiple acquisition channels.
  • View historical data during acquisition
  • Ability to freeze a frame to analyze a specific time period and rewind to efficiently review prior time frames
  • Data saved automatically as it is acquired
  • Analyze data in time or frequency domain
  • Expanded control, allowing the user to selectively average responses
  • Allows for auditory stimulation
  • Modifiable acquisition parameters to best fit your needs
  • Use with insert earphones, headphones, bone conductor, OAE probe, or High-Frequency Animal Speakers.

Available Exclusively on the Universal Smart Box

  • Up to eight AEP/EEG channels
  • Up to 2 OAE channels
  • External bio-amplifier & Power Supply
  • AEP up to 8kHz using ER3 insert earphones and up to 16kHz using ER2 insert earphones
  • AEP up to 32kHz using High-Frequency Animal Speakers