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SmartScreener-Plus 2

Baby and user-friendly hearing screener

SmartScreener-Plus 2 is a cost-effective, complete, and easy-to-use infant hearing screener. Our system offers you a choice of automated ABR screening, OAE screening, or both. The device is simple to operate, with step-by-step visual instructions for the operator as well as friendly voice prompts. It is a fast, reliable, and accurate system that can be used to test patients of all ages.

SmartScreener-Plus 2 is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 and features an integrated Data Back-Up utility that allows for a seamless transfer of results to central databases, such as those used by state EHDI programs.

Customize various options to meet your hospital’s needs, including the patient demographics module. Program administrators can set up different users with varying password-protected access levels.

Forms and documents can be customized by the hospital and made available in multiple languages using the Documents & Video Module.

SmartScreener-Plus 2 provides newborn hearing screening programs with the ability to play multilingual informational videos to guide the parents through the screening process right on the screening device and to print patient information brochures for parents to educate them on the exam.

  • Available in both the Aria a Solo devices
  • Simultaneous testing of both ears using a 35 dB HL click stimulus
  • Electrode placement and impedance values are shown on the screen
  • Screening results in as little as 2 minutes
  • Password protected option to set the testing intensity and setup multiple testing levels

Benefits of the EarHug Coupler

SmartScreener-Plus 2  is used with our cost-effective, baby-friendly EarHug disposables. The EarHug is designed with the baby’s comfort in mind: a special flexible material adheres to the skin firmly and is gentle enough for discomfort-free removal.

  • Baby-friendly design
  • Cost-effective disposable means savings on every screen
  • Comfortable design allows the baby to easily fall asleep even when lying on the EarHug
  • Large adhesive surface keeps the EarHug from detaching during testing
  • Attaches securely to the baby, even to skin with hair
  • Gentle enough for comfortable removal

Automated OAE module with options to test
using DPOAE or TEOAE, available on the Aria device.

Automatic probe fit check
to verify proper probe placement

Screening results in as little as 30 seconds for TEOAE and 1 minute for DPOAE with the display of the passing status for each frequency band

Password protected option provides the users the ability to customize the passing criteria and frequency selection

DPOAE Module

TEOAE Module

The highly ergonomic ScreenerCart is designed to be baby-friendly and is ideal for testing at the mother’s bedside. The SmartScreener-Plus2 device is PC- battery operated, allowing for testing even when there is no access to an outlet and reducing electrical interference. The ScreenerCart features: 

  • Convenient height adjustment
  • Ample work surface with raised edges and document cover
  • Contoured front and rear handles for easy maneuverability
  • Built-in bins to store all supplies and documentation
  • Easy-to-disinfect washable keyboard
  • Integrated keyboard and mouse surface with a keyboard light; work without waking up the baby
  • Smooth, non-porous surfaces for easy cleaning, infection control, and durability
  • Notebook PC & system secured in a key-locked compartment
  • Coiled power cord for easy cable management
  • Convenient wheel-locking mechanism
  • Built-in isolation transformer