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Software Update 5.52

This update has now been superseded by version 5.53:

A new software update has been released for most IHS programs. This version introduces calculations of Fsp and Fmp, as well as some modifications to page labeling. For privacy regulation compliance, the programs now include automatic cleanup of electronic documents. To update to release version 5.52, do the following:

  1. Download the update zip file from:
    (if your browser does not download the file when clicking the link, please copy/paste the url in a new tab)
  2. Save the file to the downloads folder or any easy to find location, then unzip it. (the option to unzip or extract can be found in the right click menu).
  3. Browse the folder to find the setup.exe program and run it.
  4. Click on the [Start] button to install.

Included in this update:

  • LaunchPad version 2.91
  • SmartScreener-Plus2 2.50.16
  • SmartEP version 5.52
  • SmartEP-ASSR version 5.52
  • SmartTrOAE version 5.52
  • SmartDPOAE version 5.51
  • IntelligentVRA version 6.52
  • SmartAudiometer version 5.52
  • PetScreener version 2.51

Installation Requirements

  • The update requires a previous installation of IHS Programs, as the update does not contain a software license, or system calibration information. Attempting to install the update on a computer that does not currently have IHS Programs installed will result in a non-working installation.
  • Hardware units purchased before February 2013 may not be compatible with this version of the software. Contact IHS support to inquire about your specific unit.
  • The software requires that the PC has a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and Windows 10 (any version).
  • You must be running LaunchPad version 2.70 or higher to qualify for this update. If running a version below this, you may purchase new installation media from:, or contact IHS support for alternate methods.
  • Updates to stand-alone SmartScreenerPlus-2 and VideoVRA are not included in this update package.

Software Changes


  • The IHS Peak Extraction utility now includes labels for cABR/FFR.
  • The System Calibration Utility had it’s range expanded from 200Hz to 100 Hz
  • The System Calibration Utility now includes an option for High Frequency sound field output on the Duet.

SmartScreener-Plus 2

  • Added options to define a default birth hospital name and code.
  • Added options to enter a Bloodspot Card number into the patient demographics.
  • Patient status list options can now be customized to support custom status options or different languages
  • AEP screenings may now be forced to be binaural.
  • HL7 data transfers may now be set to avoid day duplicates and NAs
  • The data backup utility now allows to copy partial lists of patients to Windows clipboard to facilitate report generation using third party tools.


  • In the Advanced Auditory Research Module (AARM), the artifact rejection area start and end are now relative to the acquired Data Block.
  • AARM now allows the selection of artifact rejection regions longer than 2 seconds
  • AARM input fields will now show a yellow background when an invalid entry has been made
  • TEOAE waveforms can now be shown with or without the FFT, Meatal Response and data table.


  • TEOAE waveforms can now be shown with or without the FFT, Meatal Response and data table.


  • Added option to Retest at a specific DP frequency pair.
  • Added option to Add Sweeps to a specific DP frequency pair.
  • Printed reports now use thicker lines and larger font to make the report easier to read


  • Results may now be shown as either FFT averages for each band (previous method), or aggregate FFT of 1/2 octave bands. Software will default to the last option selected.
  • Added stimulus stability quality measure.
  • TEOAE waveforms can now be shown with or without the FFT, Meatal Response and data table.
  • Side panel now shows the FFT of the selected response
  • TEOAE response table reconfigured to show reproducibility (Cross-correlation x 100)
  • Reproducibility measure option added to Pass/Fail criteria
  • Stability measure option added to Pass/Fail criteria
  • Grand averaging options added to Process menu to add selected TEOAE responses, or to add all on page.
  • Export to ASCII for all data on the current page added to the Process menu.

IntelligentVRA and SmartAudiometer

  • Audiogram symbols updated. 12 new symbols added for air conduction, bone conduction and sound field with or without masking.


  • No changes with this update.