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Software Update 5.53

This update has now been superseded by update 5.54:

A new software update has been released for most IHS programs. For the Duet platform, this version enables the display of both EEG channels simultaneously in the EEG panel and includes the ability to show and hide the contralateral responses. For all platforms it now allows the recalculation of Fsp and Fmp and includes new features for P300 acquisition, and adds general software improvements. See our New Features video on our YouTube channel, here:

To update to release version 5.53, do the following:

  1. Download the update zip file from:
    (if your browser does not download the file when clicking the link, please copy/paste the url in a new tab)
  2. Save the file to the downloads folder or any easy to find location, then unzip it. (the option to unzip or extract can be found in the right click menu).
  3. Browse the folder to find the setup.exe program and run it.
  4. Click on the [Start] button to install.

Included in this update:

  • LaunchPad version 2.92
  • SmartScreener-Plus2 2.50.16
  • SmartEP version 5.53
  • SmartEP-ASSR version 5.53
  • SmartTrOAE version 5.53
  • SmartDPOAE version 5.51
  • IntelligentVRA version 6.53
  • SmartAudiometer version 5.53
  • PetScreener version 2.51

Installation Requirements

  • The update requires a previous installation of IHS Programs, as the update does not contain a software license, or system calibration information. Attempting to install the update on a computer that does not currently have IHS Programs installed will result in a non-working installation.
  • Hardware units purchased before February 2013 may not be compatible with this version of the software. Contact IHS support to inquire about your specific unit.
  • The software requires that the PC has a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and Windows 10 (any version).
  • You must be running LaunchPad version 2.70 or higher to qualify for this update. If running a version below this, you may purchase new installation media from:, or contact IHS support for alternate methods.
  • Updates to stand-alone SmartScreenerPlus-2 and VideoVRA are not included in this update package.

Software Changes


  • The Stimulus Conversion Utility now accepts longer stimulus files, however, the same stimulus limits still apply.

SmartScreener-Plus 2

  • No changes with this update.


  • Rejecting of common after odd is now optional in the P300 setup window
  • P300 can now be presented in a special 50-50 mode where stimuli are sequential instead of randomized.
  • Stimulus Jitter can now be added to P300/MMN
  • Researchers may now add a timing offset to the trigger outs that occur when a P300 stimulus is presented.
  • The side EEG panel may now show either channel or both simultaneously. (Duet Platform ONLY)
  • When acquiring in Both mode, the ipsilateral recordings will always appear above the contralateral recordings.
  • Recordings acquired using different rates on the same ear may now be compared to see differences in peak V latencies.
  • The N1 latency appears on the data table for VEMP recordings.
  • Menu item was added to hide/show contralateral recordings when the ipsilateral recordings are also present. (Duet Platform ONLY)
  • Print menu now includes option to show/hide the parameters table and data table from the printouts.
  • Page labels are now saved when a report is saved
  • Average menu options added to select a new Fsp point and recalculate the values for Fsp and Fmp.
  • Average menu now includes an option to show a cumulative breakdown of Fsp and Fmp calculation.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts added.


  • Same as SmartEP EEG and Print menu changes.


  • No changes with this update.


  • Same as SmartEP EEG and Print menu changes.

IntelligentVRA and SmartAudiometer

  • Levels beyond the simulator maximum levels are now grayed out on the Audiogram
  • Word scoring now keeps a Correct or Incorrect score per word. Double click to change status.


  • No changes with this update.