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Software Update 5.54.50

This update has now been superseded by update 5.54.54:

A new software update for release version 5.54.50, To update now, follow the instructions below. To receive notifications about future updates, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Download the update zip file from:
  2. Save the file to the downloads folder or any easy to find location, then unzip it. (the option to unzip or extract can be found in the right click menu).
  3. Browse the folder to find the setup.exe program and run it.
  4. Click on the [Start] button to install.

Included in this update:

  • LaunchPad version 2.93.10
  • SmartScreener-Plus2 2.50.16
  • SmartEP version 5.54.21
  • SmartEP-ASSR version 5.53.20
  • SmartTrOAE version 5.53.20
  • SmartDPOAE version 5.51.01
  • IntelligentVRA version 6.54
  • SmartAudiometer version 5.54
  • PetScreener version 2.51

Installation Requirements

  • The update requires a previous installation of IHS Programs, as the update does not contain a software license, or system calibration information. Attempting to install the update on a computer that does not currently have IHS Programs installed will result in a non-working installation.
  • Hardware units purchased before February 2013 may not be compatible with this version of the software. Contact IHS support to inquire about your specific unit.
  • The software requires that the PC has a minimum of 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended), and any version of Windows 11 (recommended) or Windows 10.
  • You must be running LaunchPad version 2.70 or higher to qualify for this update. If running a version below this, you may purchase new installation media from:, or contact IHS support for alternate methods.
  • Updates to stand-alone SmartScreenerPlus-2 and VideoVRA are not included in this update package.

Software Changes


  • Access to the Latency-Intensity Norms editor has moved to inside the SmartEP program, it is no longer accessible from the Launch Pad.
  • The iChirp Generation add-on software has been added to the Utilities menu in the Launch Pad program

SmartScreener-Plus 2

  • No changes with this update.


  • An option to Show the Active Recording in Bold has been added to the Show option of the main menu. When activated, the selected recording will have increased line thickness as compared to the rest of the recordings.
  • An Export Utilities option has been added to the Recordings option of the main menu. This includes the previous options to save the Active recording to ASCII or all recordings on page to ASCII. It also includes access to the Peak Extraction Utility tool, which allows the extraction of peaks from multiple patient folders into a single file.
  • An Export Analysis option has been added to the FFR/cABR option of the main menu. This option will export the analysis of the active recording, or all the recordings on page, to a text file.
  • A Trigger-Out offset timing option has been added to the P300 Setup Window. These can be used to add an offset to the trigger out signal to account for signal transmission delays. The fields accept positive and negative numbers.
Peak Extraction Utility
  • Delimiter character changed from Pika to Tab
  • The Peak Extraction Utility now exports additional fields, including: Transducer, Masking Information, Averaging Type, Clock Size, Cross Correlation, Time Region, Fsp point, d’, d’ frequency, and patient’s gestational age.
  • New fields for Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Residual Noise (RN) and Cross-Correlation (CC) have been added to the interface, when activating these options, the values will be recalculated using the entered information instead of using the values that were originally stored with the recording.


  • An option to Show the Active Recording in Bold has been added to the Show option of the main menu. When activated, the selected recording will have increased line thickness as compared to the rest of the recordings.


  • No changes with this update.


  • TEOAE Suppression recording identification has been improved. The recordings will now include cSup, iSup, or bSup labels for contralateral, ipsilateral, and binaural suppression respectively, and will be followed by the suppressor level.

IntelligentVRA and SmartAudiometer

  • A WaveFiles menu option has been added to the main menu. This option can be used to play WAV format sound files through the selected stimulator.
  • The new Wave File Player includes tools to select files, intensity and other options for playing WAV format sound files. Note that the files need to be calibrated before use.
  • A new Wave File Calibration tool is accessible from the Wave File Player window. WAV format files must be calibrated before use, instructions are included in the calibration tool window.
  • Warbles are now generated on the fly. An option to change between Tones and Warbles has been added below the frequency selector
  • A new show limits option in the control panel will toggle a shaded area displaying the limits of the selected stimulator. The grayed-out areas represent the frequency-intensity combinations that the selected stimulator cannot achieve.
  • A new narrowband noise masking option has been added to the control panel to toggle between wide band and narrow band noise.


  • No changes with this update.

Previous Updates

Features added in previous versions can be found in their respective pages:

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