Acquiring Electrocochleography responses using SmartEP

Electrocochleography may be used to diagnose some vestibular and auditory conditions, such as Meniere’s disease or perilymphatic fistula. This Smart Note describes the methodology for acquiring ECochG responses, including the different types of electrodes that can be used, suggested acquisition settings, and instructions on obtaining the SP/AP ratio as well as the area ratio. ECochG can be acquired by using the Duet and USB platforms. The USBLite and Solo platforms… Read More »Acquiring Electrocochleography responses using SmartEP

Suggested Electrode Montages for a 2 Channel Opti-Amp

The following Smart Note covers some suggestions for electrode montages when using the 2 channel optical amplifier for the Universal Smart Box platform. Includes descriptions and images of usual electrode placements for use while acquiring auditory evoked responses such as ECochG and ABR.