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The IHS Simulator for ABR and OAE

Over a decade ago, Intelligent Hearing Systems introduced Baby ISAO, the IHS Simulator for ABR & OAE. Our goal was to provide a teaching tool for the audiology and newborn hearing screening communities, a solution that would allow students to have more comprehensive hands-on experience before they entered clinical practice. As the leader in AEP solution for over the last ten years, we remain firm in our commitment to provide innovative solutions for audiology.

  • Includes Baby ISAO doll, simulator box, and software
  • Durable stainless steel electrode connection points and ear canal ports
  • Generates bio-signals that can be recorded for ABR, DPOAE, and TEOAE
  • Can be connected to any screening or diagnostic AEP & OAE device
  • Selection of various patient states and background noise condition and simulation of impedance problems
  • Single or dual channel montages
  • The natural interface allows the use of insert earphones, circumaural couplers, EarHugs, and OAE probes
  • Repeatable testing and noise conditions, including EMG, line, and different levels of EEG activity.

Comprehensive Patient Library

The IHS Simulator features a library of patient profiles to choose from.

Create your own patient profiles
to expand the patient library.

Customize profiles
including the patient state,
response library, and thresholds

Integrated Response
Editor Module

Import your own recording images
and convert them
to response files